What Is a Garage Planning Permission and When Do You Need It?

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If you have ever been involved in any kind of construction, then you might have heard of planning permission. It is one of the most essential requirements when a construction project is being planned. A planning permission is simply a legal document given by the local authority stating that you have been permitted to carry out a certain project. If you begin your project without this planning permission, then your whole project might end up being cancelled, which, of course, will be a huge loss.

That said, what is a garage planning permission, and when do you need it? Continue reading this article to learn more.

What Is a Garage Planning Permission?

Many people today love adding value to their homes. And one way they have achieved that is by constructing a garage or making a garage conversion. Sometimes, essentials such as a garage planning permission are required. But what exactly is it?

A planning permission, as stated above, is a legal document from the local authority showing that you are allowed to complete a particular construction project. A garage planning permission is a legal document from the local authority as well, and it also permits you to perform a project that has to do with a garage.

How to Get a Garage Planning Permission

Usually, the project you are working on is the one that determines what process you will go through and the requirements to get a garage planning permission. All in all, it is essential that you submit a detailed drawing of the project and the specifications. If there is any other supporting document that they ask for, then you should supply it as well. To make all the work easier, you can rely on Humphreys and Sons and other reputable consultants. They will take care of the process and obtain a garage planning permission without any delays.

When Do You Need a Garage Planning Permission?

There are many different cases where you might be required to have a garage planning permission. Some of them include the following instances.

l  Garage conversion – Many people opt for garage conversion instead of building it from scratch. It is a good idea. But if your conversion is large and the work is external, you will need a garage planning permission. This is necessary to make sure that you are following all the rules the local government has set when you are making the garage conversion.

l  Garage extension – A garage extension is a relatively simple project. Sometimes, you might not require a garage planning permission, especially if the garage is less than 4 metres high. But if it is above this height, you will need to get one.

l  Double garage – Are you looking forward to building a double garage? This may take more of your property space, and it could be above 4 metres high. Therefore, you will require garage planning permission to show that your project is legal.

In Summary

Hopefully, you now understand what garage planning permission is, how to obtain one, and when you need it. If you need any clarification, the above article will always be available for you.